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Welcome to Inkandescent.TV, the video channel of Inkandescent Public Relations and Be Inkandescent magazine. Following are a handful of videos featuring me, Hope Katz Gibbs, including 9 episodes from my appearances on the ABC News Channel 8 morning show, “Let’s Talk Live,” where I shared information from my book, “PR Rules: The Playbook.”

You’ll also find videos from my TrulyAmazingWomen.TV series featuring women across the country who are making strides and changing lives, based on the project I founded in 2008: 

And, be sure to watch some of the dozens of videos we’ve created that star our clients — including a rock video that I had the privilege to write, direct, and produce entitled, “Grateful American Kids Rock,” and an interview with Internet marketing guru Anik Singal when he opened his Lurn Center in Rockville, MD in 2018, and many more: www.Inkandescent.TV.

Truly Amazing Women TV

PR Rules: The Playbook

Inkandescent PR Client Videos